I delight in writing with light. I want to be a part of bringing captivating stories to the screen. Although I truly love geeking out over camera gear, my main focus is usually how light will translate on screen and studying the undertones of the skin.


I love Art.




(in general)

However, I believe I've found a passion in film making because of my appreciation for the visual language but most importantly because of the collaborative and communal process.   

Apart from film and video work, my favorite past times are reading, going on adventures to different places, trying out new recipes, and meeting and learning from new people.

 Work Experience 

Over the course of my professional career, I have held various positions such as gaffer and assistant camera that have enhanced my technical knowledge of the Light and Camera departments. I've had the opportunities to collaborate with a variety of people

and crew positions which has increased my communication skills.

I've worked on Emmy award winning productions and collaborated with producers from Netflix originals such as House of Cards and studio released films such as Wedding Crashers, Now You See Me, Creed, and many more.  Working on these projects among others over the years has given me opportunity to

help create content for brands such as Allstate, Campbell's Soup Co, Xfinity, BNY Mellon and many others. I believe these experiences

have paved the way for more opportunities to be an asset to any production.