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This Too Is Liberia


Artina Michelle and Marcus Clarke


Monrovia, Robertsport, and Grand Bassa County



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This Too Is Liberia is a feature length surfing documentary following Melvin Kabakole, a young surfer, from my home country, Liberia.


Marcus and I have been documenting Melvin as he starts the Monrovia chapter of Wave For Change, one of the only surf therapy programs in West Africa. Many children in Monrovia have experienced unspeakable traumas caused by the socioeconomic effects of war and the greed of government officials. Although they live near the ocean, many do not know how to swim. Melvin's goal is to bring mindfulness and water safety skills to the children. However, due to a generational fear of the ocean in his community, Melvin endures many challenges to reach his goal of bringing a new way of life to the children in his community.

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