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Dear Philadelphia - 2nd Unit Director of Photography

Dear Philadelphia is the brain child of, director, Renee Osubu and plays as a poetic time capsule showcasing North Philadelphia.  For this project, I was asked to complement Renee and Cinematographer Louis Lopez's style.  

The film premiered in the UK on the British Film Institute's Player and had it's international premiere at the  2021 Sundance Film Festival. It was highlighted on Indiewire as one of the best short films playing at Sundance.

Documentary Reel- Director of Photography

Interviews & Broll Reel 2019

Interviews & Broll Reel 2019

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This is a compilation of documentary work I've filmed for production companies such as, Freshfly, LLC and international corporate, nonprofit, and independent work. Some of these projects have been able to help people build schools for children who would otherwise not have them, help communities heal from chemical abuse, and promote cultures in the African diaspora that are often not seen. I am proud of this work and excited to include more.

Additional Crew Documentary Experience

Funded in America with Lala Anthony

Before Hollywood: Philadelphia and the Birth of Movies

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